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Why Clean my OEM DPF vs. Buying a Brand New OEM Unit?


Clean vs. Replace your DPF / DOC?

One of our clients—a U.S. Marine, no less—proved to be very wise. His 2009 RAM 2500 MegaCab with a 6.7 Cummins engine was having frequent unsuccessful regenerations and ultimately went into the dreaded Limp Mode—fortunately he made it home. 

After discussing his options on whether to 

1.)  Clean his Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)  or

 2.)  Just buy inexpensive replacement filters online.

The wise Marine, James, elected to go with DPFilterFix cleaning services who uses the FSX Complete Cleaning System to clean DPFs and DOCs. The FSX System and process are approved by OEM engine manufacturers. 

Beware of Cheap DPFs online

He said he went on EBAY saw a used DPF for $190 (something fishy there) AKA "Pig in a Poke" as the old saying goes. A brand new one for $900—I’m not sure of the Country of Origin— could have been China, could have been good ole' USA—doesn’t matter. 

How can a new DPF be $900 while the OEM DPF quoted from the RAM dealer is $2,300? 

The answer is simple: Dealer Markup for one, but to a greater degree, the level of PGM, or better said, lack of PGM. 

What is PGM?

PGM in an acronym for Platinum Group Metals. DPF's and DOC's are coated with platinum or palladium. A PGM-coated DPF acts as a hydrocarbon slip catalyst, burning any excess fuel present during active regeneration. 

A properly coated DPF will have a lower passive regeneration temperature which can extend the time between active regenerations, saving on engine wear and additional fuel costs.  More regenerations means igniting excess fuel for an active regeneration cycle.

If we can't salvage your filter, DPFilterFix can provide you with a USA Manufactured DPF or DOC built to OEM specifications. Cheaper, but not too cheap because they will have the proper PGM content. 

Support American Workers and Service Personnel

Never has it been truer, "You get what you pay for!” That was one smart Marine!

Thanks to all Men and Women who have served, are serving or who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our great Country. 

This is also a tribute to our nephew, Tyler, who is a U.S. Marine.

With respect to all U.S. Marines: "Semper Fi".


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DPF Filters Cleaned vs. Re-Manufactured?

The Risks of Re‑manufactured Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) *

The CORE of the Issue: Re-manufactured / Re-conditioned vs. Cleaned

The CORE of the Issue: Re-manufactured / Re-conditioned vs. Cleaned

  • What many people don’t realize is that a “re‑manufactured” or “re-conditioned” DPF is simply a used unit that has been cleaned and is being re-sold. You are essentially paying a premium price for a DPF cleaning. Rarely does the marketing material mention this key fact! 

  • Note Full disclosure. The exterior surface of the “re-manufactured” or “re-conditioned” filter may be cleaned and look pretty, yet does not contribute to improved functionality. You are paying for this.

  • Some top-of-the-line companies offering remanufactured DPFs are simply cleaning trade-in DPF filter cores using the exact same cleaning system that we offer at DPFilterFIX.

  • While a re‑manufactured (re‑man) DPF may appear to be a cost-effective option, it is important to be aware of what exactly a re‑manufactured part is, as well as the potential hidden costs and risks that come along with these parts.

The CORE of the Issue: Re-manufactured / Re-conditioned vs. Cleaned

The CORE of the Issue: Re-manufactured / Re-conditioned vs. Cleaned

The CORE of the Issue: Re-manufactured / Re-conditioned vs. Cleaned

  • On the surface most re‑manufactured DPFs appear to be the same as any other DPF, the problem is you can never know the condition of the DPF core.

  • In many cases the core of a re‑manufactured DPF has been heavily used and could already be compromised or near the end of its usable lifespan.

  • DPFilterFIX will provide you with a cleaning document so you may follow the history of your DPF Filter as it progresses through suggested planned service intervals.

  • Establishing a baseline measurement on each of your DPF filters from the start improves predictability of your filter’s service life.  

  • Maximizing your filter life contributes to your bottom line and reduces odds of unplanned filter failures i.e. roadside service calls.

Better Alternatives to Re-Man

The CORE of the Issue: Re-manufactured / Re-conditioned vs. Cleaned

Better Alternatives to Re-Man

Cleaning DPFs with a spare / swing unit

  • Cleaning a DPF will cost a fraction of the price of a re‑manufactured part and provides the same end result. When you know the service life and history of a DPF core, it is best to avoid exchanging it for a re‑manufactured part.

  • Several fleet accounts we service wisely elect to purchase a couple of new spare units to rotate within their fleet to reduce downtime and keep their trucks rolling.

  • DPFilterFIX has a solution by offering new RoadWarrior DPF Filters. If your existing filter is compromised or has reached the end of its useful service life.

(*excerpts from article written by RoadWarrior.com).

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Disclaimer: Information provided on this website is believed correct. We welcome any suggested corrections or constructive feedback. Please contact DPFilterFix@aol.com on Website contact page.

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DOC: An Often Misunderstood & Overlooked Critical Component


What about your DOC?

When a call comes in to DPFilterFIX, "I would like to have my DPF cleaned,” we ask "What about your DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst)?” 

"What about it?"  Often all the emphasis is put on only cleaning your DPF, but the critical role of the DOC is overlooked.

The DOC is an inline device in the after-treatment system. It is a flow-through filter containing precious metals that starts the oxidation of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and unburned fuel and oil. Think pre-filter. 

All that is not oxidized flows from the DOC into the “Trash Can" of the System, the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) walled filter.

From the moment an engine starts running, the exhaust gases are flowing through the DOC with some of their by-product adhering to the interior walls of the DOC. 

Bottom line: the DOC gets dirty, too. Often very dirty.


When Should You Clean Your DOC?

Situations can vary.  With our experience and knowledge we can advise you in making a proper decision on whether you need to just clean your DPF or clean both the DPF and the DOC. It is not a roll of the dice when you need to clean your DOC, however it certainly may be a gamble if you don’t.

Only cleaning your DPF may allow remaining particulate matter from your dirty DOC to slam into your clean reinstalled DPF.  This reduces service time drastically. In this case you didn't save a penny by not cleaning your DOC.


We’ve heard stories from people that only cleaned their DPF and it re-clogged in short order. This could be a result of not also cleaning the DOC—or other issues upstream—such as a compromised turbo or fuel injector that release various engine fluids into your exhaust system.

To be sure, we recommend testing both your DPF and your DOC to determine the airflow in both critical components.  

Before Removing Your DPF / DOC


Very Important Read Before Removing Your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) Filter!

My Mentor was a renowned mechanic and pilot who taught hundreds of pilots how to fly.  He was gifted with repairing anything mechanical—from airplanes to trucks,  construction equipment to army tanks during his job as tank maintenance instructor during WWII.

He was also known for his great finesse with a hammer. He knew just how to tap that engine cylinder to release a troublesome stuck valve.  His motto was “We can make it move, especially when it won’t move!”

Please take heed and advise your mechanic friend to treat your DPFs and DOC ceramic filters like grandma's fine china—they probably cost more! While designed for rugged environments, they have limitations when it comes to mishandling. 

We see DPF and DOC units come in that have suffered severe external blows—the end result being fractured, cracked units rendered unusable to the tune of several thousand dollars. Same goes for sensors wrung off or left on only to be snapped off before we get them, and stripped bungs that have been beaten sideways. 

Bent flanges are also a concern, when units are dropped from elevation onto the shop floor. These units are often heavy and an extra hand is helpful when lowering them to earth.

DPFilterFix is here to help when stuff happens—however, save some money!

We prefer that you carefully remove units and all sensors before we receive them for cleaning. 

We have a certified master welder that can cut, weld and make repairs, but it is an added expense that can be often avoided with a little care, but not by passing the buck (no pun intended). 

Pre-soak those bungs with your favorite appropriate solvent and go easy on the hammer and drop kick procedure. Save some money to take Grandma to dinner!




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FYI: DPF / DOC Acronyms to Keep You Rolling


Going into dreaded Limp Mode?

For Your Information (FYI): Nothing will get your attention faster than your diesel equipment going into “Limp Mode,” and trying to describe your problem with the many acronyms used in the industry doesn’t make it any easier! Knowing how to describe your situation can help navigate your way to getting back on the road.  

Wait! “Limp Mode”? Acronyms? DEF? DOC? DPF? ECU? OEM? Let’s break it down:

Listening to conversations during a recent visit to a local trucking firm’s dispatch operations really made an impression on me. I combined some of them in the following scenario:


Calling into Dispatch

Big Red

“Dispatch— Big Red Here. Got that load of frozen shrimp on board. Look, I'm having a big problem—this truck’s creeping along—low RPMs—going into limp mode. My ECU’s light is orange. Either the DPF or the DOC, probably both, could have started with the EGR, you know how stuff flows downstream wreaking havoc with everything. I don’t understand it—I’ve been using DEF!  I thought DEF was the solution!”


Long pause….”Noooo... DEF is not the solution. Having a spare clean filter is the solution.

Red, this is your lucky day! Boss started a Preventive Maintenance program with DPFilterFIX - we have some spare DPFs and DOCs already cleaned here at the shop. 

If you can limp the last few miles home and swap them out, you’ll be on the road ASAP.  He figured it was a lot cheaper than paying for towing and then pay full price for new filters! They use that FSX Complete Cleaning System so the cleaning is OEM approved!”

Big Red

“Sounds like a plan—this load amounts to a lot of gumbo on board and I don't think the Boss wants to hear about some Shrimp Fest for all the guys back at the shop as a backup plan”.


“Yeah…it’s because you have to start, stop and idle when you’re making the deliveries…the engine doesn’t get hot enough to regenerate, so the DPFs and DOCs are clogging up faster than we planned on.  Your REGEN doesn’t remove the ash.

We decided to fix it before it’s broke and you’re stuck on the side of road—now we’re gonna clean those DPFs and DOCs before you go into Limp Mode - and using the FSX system means it’s OEM recommended—gotta keep you rollin!”

Breaking down the acronyms

Here are a few acronyms you can use in trying to impress your mechanic in describing or diagnosing exhaust system problems—you might as well laugh as cry!

  • ASAP: As Soon As Possible—timing needed to get you back on the road.
  • DEF: Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Impure and outdated DEF can cripple equipment and lead to staggering amounts of downtime and delays.
  • DOC: Diesel Oxygen Catalyst—uses a chemical process to break down pollutants from a diesel engine in the exhaust stream, turning them into less harmful components, similar to an automobile’s catalytic converter.
  • DPF: Diesel Particulate Filter—a large cylindrical ceramic filled can, honeycombed with thousands of small cells open on one end and closed on the other. Ash left behind in the cells after regeneration or an incomplete cleaning will form “a hardened ash island” that increases engine back pressure and can permanently damage the DPF.
  • DPFilterFix: Your Local DPF Filter Cleaning Specialist (using FSX Complete Cleaning System) who can keep you rolling. www.DPFilterFIX.com 
  • ECU: An Electronic Control Unit (ECU), also commonly called an Engine Control Module (ECM), is a type of electronic control unit that controls a series of actuators on an internal combustion engine to ensure optimal engine performance…The fuel injection system has the major role to control the engine’s fuel supply.
  • EEMS: Electronic Engine Management System
  • EGR: Exhaust Gas Recirculation
  • FYI: For Your Information
  • FSX Complete Cleaning System used by DPFilterFIX: Industry Leading DPF Complete Cleaning System: OEM approved in trucking, transit, off-road, railroad and power generation. Utilizing FSX DPF cleaners assures that the user will get the maximum life possible between cleanings, plus maximize the overall life of the DPF or DOC. www.FSXinc.com 
  • Limp Mode is when the computer orders the engine to lower its RPM to a speed of about 5 MPH in order to prevent the engine from self-destructing. It is caused by a DPF reaching full capacity from soot and ash.
  • OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer 
  • PM: Particulate Matter filter
  • REGEN: Engine Regeneration—oxidizes soot only (doesn’t remove ash)
  • RPM: Revolutions Per Minute
  • SCR: Selective Catalytic Reduction

CAVU: (Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited—an aviation meteorology term) from your friends at DPFilterFIX. 10-4 Good Buddy!


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